Evolution of computers from first generation to fourth generations

Computers! A 3 year toddler too knows the meaning of this word. It has become an essential part of every single firm and every single home. Whether the firm is small, medium or large it needs computers to save the data right from the staff to all clients and right from the miscellaneous expenses to the balance sheet of the firm.  For home, where there is a kid, there must be a computer. They need to complete projects assigned from respective schools, to prepare for exams, to research for few topics, the list is endless. Computers have also been replaced by laptops and tablets.

But do we know how did the computers involve from 1st generation to 2nd, to 3rd …?


Let us read few highlights which would provide some knowledge about the inception of computers.

  • The first full sized digital computer was developed in the year 1944, known as i mark, which was used for calculations and weighed five tons.
  • First generation computers existed from 1944 to 1956, which were extremely large in size and had an unsophisticated look. They used to release ample amount of heat. These computers used very basic programming language.
  • Second generation computers existed from 1956 to 1963. Even they used to release heat, but lesser than the 1st And they were of smaller in size yet worked faster.
  • Third generation computers existed from 1964 to 1971. There was remarkable change in these desktop computers in terms of speed, release of heat, languages used, looks and size. Keyboards and monitors were introduced in this period of time, to connect with computing machines.


  • Fourth generation desktops are elegant, high speed, more graphical use, huge storage space, advanced features and advantages.
  • There is no halt on the development of computers. They would still surprise us with more enhanced technology in coming decades.


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