Star Wars Heroes Cheats: A Complete Guide Provided Here

In this article, you will find lots of cheats as well as tips to progress through the latest star wars game. Finishing this game is quite high on the priority list of many individuals; hence star wars heroes cheats are high in demand nowadays. The guide that you find here can be useful for new gamers as well as experienced ones. Hence everyone has the scope to learn new things.

star wars heroes cheats

Daily jobs

Completing the daily tasks in the game is something that you need to do regularly. This is the fastest way to get some xp in the game. The different crystals as well as droids for training can also be got in this manner. Hence the completing of the daily jobs is of great importance for the gamers. There is even a dedicated button showing the daily activities, present on the right hand side of the screen.

Selecting jobs

It will not take you too much time to complete a task. The hero training job should ideally be done first as it gives you tickets to finish off battles. This can be achieved by giving a mid-level character a training droid. The star wars heroes cheat will teach you many such tricks.

How to use time offers told by star wars heroes cheats?

As you start your paly, you will come across lots of time offers that the makers put into the game. There are Jedi ones as well as droids up for grabs. These are one time deals you need to understand. You can seek the heroes you especially one and then settle for it.

The battles that you fight usually get ratings, ranging from one to three stars. Completing a battle without losing one hero will give you three stars and the stars decrease as you lose heroes thereafter. The star wars heroes cheats, can effectively help you in three starring a battle.

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