Average Model Height and Weight Criteria, But Who Cares

Modeling was a hushed profession for many decades, but it is flourishing in contemporary time. There was a time when models performed in a show but people never knew of them again. New models add to the industry and get their fame with the help of social media platform. This is truth because there was no way for models in the past to publicize their skill. Your feminine look, beauty, face, teeth, long slender legs, hair, walking style, and your smile, everything is needed to be a successful model. Your perfection is your rank. Your size is as important as your look. The fashion industry is more concerned with average model height and weight.

average model height and weight

Average model height and weight criteria

Professional modeling has standard norms and while selecting a model, the selectors rate models on average model height and weight basis. It is usually the client to decide the exact measurement for his brand modeling, but the industry has some standards. A female model is considered to be perfect when her minimum height is 59 and body measurements are 34-24-34 which means 34 chest, 24 waist and 34 hips. This perfection is something like a theoretical yardstick which is hard to get. However, a range is considered in practical world. This range provides for 59-6 height and bust between 32″-36″, waist between 22″-26″, and hips between 33″-35″. Modeling industry typically provides for age between 16-21, but this is not reality in modern time. The present industry doesnt care much for the standards. The popularity of models is their ranking and they are paid till they work and till the time people like them.

Whats new in the industry

Modern modeling industry is far more ahead than standards. You dont have to worry if you dont meet the criteria, the avenues are still open. Plus size modeling has made its way into the fashion world. You have more options to stay in modeling industry.





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