AAS – Quick Performance in Sports. Results Are Good Otherwise.

For years, people, especially men have been using one or other form of natural substances and a few traditional herbal extracts for their masculine performance. Men in the earlier times used certain form of extracts and ingredients to show their highest coital performance during sexual acts and also used to fight battles against their enemies. The use of performance-boosting steroids was not known until 19th century, but people had a perception that male sex hormones had impact on mens body performance.

Metandienone – AAS

Metandienone, an active anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) was synthesized in the laboratory for the first time in 1955 that was found to have similar effects like that of male sex hormones, the androgens such as testosterone. It was convenient to use in its oral form.

dbol before and after

Metandienone was found beneficial in treatment of many gender related and hormonal conditions medically, but later its use was recognized as a performance-enhancing supplement which accorded fame to this synthetic compound. The popularity came by the brand name of Dianabol or Dbol known by its short name.

Dbol before and after – effects

The popularity of Dianabol was due to the difference in physical performance from Dbol before and after use. Dbol is specially known for its half-life. Dbol users sense the effect of its use in an about half-hours of taking its recommended dose, but it doesnt enter the bloodstream instantly. Its absolute effect remains for 3-5 hours and then reduced to half. In next 3-5 hours, it is again reduced to half and it continues like this. But its traces can be found in bloodstream even after days.

Dbol before and after – results

The results of Dbol for normal individual from its regular use depends upon its dose, diet, and the workouts routine. The results of gain during initial two weeks are usually because of bloating caused by retention of water and thereafter, body gets used to for steroids which results in muscle gain in about 3-4 weeks. The average period for good results is approximately 6-8 weeks afterwards, the benefits are mounted.






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